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Street Art for 2012

Street Art for 2012

"Mon dieu !

http://espn.go.com/blog/playbook/visuals/post/_/id/6251/banksy-other-street-artists-take-olympics Who is this fella Banksy they keep mentioning ?

I doubt there is much chance of street art making it to the 2012 corporate games so I felt I should do something to redress this. It is after all "our" games.. so I've deliberately made this simple so that anyone can create their own Olympic street art.

So feel free to rush outside and paint big vaguely spherical shapes on your wall.. make sure there are more or less than 5 rings and they don't overlap or the Adidas Olympic police will be calling.

The Olympics coinciding with my departure for a remote island off the coast of Africa is totally co-incidental."
AM 2011