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This is a section for Random works that i might or might not develop further. They are works that interest me but they don't have a specific context at this time. I am showing these just for general interest.

I've always had interest from licensing companies who take a design and create products like cushions, tote bags and even shower curtains from them. I've included a few products that can be ordered online.

I'm fascinated by the possibilities for creating contemporary digital portraits and I have included examples here. Please contact me for details on commissioning your own portrait.

There are two ways you can purchase the art in this gallery.

1. Signed works : At the moment you need to contact me directly for these. I personally approve then sign the work before shipping. Editions of signed prints never exceed 100.

2. Unsigned works. Can be purchased via the "BUY" link on each page. Each art work can be purchased printed on a number of different substrates. Please follow the BUY link for more details
Flag for the United States of ArtArt in a BoxHow to make NOT art ?Art2Space Station2b.jpgArt in a TinIn the Dog HouseReflections1aMorecambe Sculpture 4Martian CityRandom1Random Cells   Pencil Skirts by Andy Mercer   RedbubbleMugshot3Kids CityscapeMixed Messages3Made Int NorthPortrait of Norah