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Works based on drawings.

"Art for me is not so much about things as about ideas. I only occasionally sit down and draw what I see in front of me. In some cases I work from others I just get an idea. Ideas are many and varied and so is my artwork"

"People tell me I should do more work of a particular style.. for me that's like only thinking about one subject. I like to experiment"

Many of these works have been altered digitally, some are composites. They are grouped here because they are obviously based on drawings and sketches.

There are two ways you can purchase the art in this gallery.

1. Signed works : At the moment you need to contact me to organise these. I personally sign and approve the work before shipping.

2. Unsigned works. Can be purchased via the "BUY" link on each page. Each art work can be purchased printed on a number of different substrates. Please follow the BUY link for more details

Please contact me directly for signed prints
In some cases the original drawings are available to purchase, please contact me for further details.

Copyright applies to all my works. Unauthorised copying and reproduction is not permitted.
City Sunrise IIIArt in a TinIndustrial Complex Detail.jpgMotorwayBabelStop 2Portrait of AlienDay Trip to FleetwoodMateraThe artist as a young man in search of inspirationFlying CondomFive Lane EndsCruciform 9Business to BusinessConwy.jpgBay1.jpg