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"Another country" is a series of art works based on how I see the contemporary landscape."
"I'm probably just a landscape artist at heart"

There are two ways you can purchase the art in this gallery.

1. Signed works : At the moment you need to contact me directly for these. I personally approve then sign the work before shipping. Editions of signed prints never exceed 100 in total (which includes different sizes and substrates).

2. Unsigned works. Can be purchased via the "BUY" link on each page. Each art work can be purchased printed on a number of different substrates. Please follow the BUY link for more details.

For image licensing enquiries and also to purchase signed limited edition prints please click here

Buy art from a living artist , the dead ones don't need it !
City Sunrise IILost City3Just another rainy day in the cityThe WallManchester ExplodingCity BloomsMetropolisTime Square at NightCity Sunset 3White CityShips in the night IIIGreen MetropolisMetropolis IILondon LogisticsBabelTimes Square 3Graffiti 3The City that never sleepsGenetic MemoryUrbanización 3