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Street and Outdoor Artworks

Various ideas for a street-outdoor exhibition.

"My thinking is that if Banksy can take his art from the street indoors and into galleries then I claim his streets for an art exhibition."

I would like to personally thank the Doge for allowing me to redecorate his Palace."

There are two ways you can purchase the art in this gallery.

1. Signed works : At the moment you need to contact me directly for these. I personally approve and sign the work before shipping. Editions of signed prints never exceed 100 in total (which includes different sizes and substrates).

2. Unsigned works. Can be purchased via the "BUY" link on each page. Each art work can be purchased printed on a number of different substrates. Please follow the BUY link on each image for more details.
Homage to MiroUS Billboard Art Project - New OrleansStreet Art for 2012 OlympicsColour Explosion - Morecambe Sculpture ConceptDoges Palace MakeoverStreet CellsFry UpDouble YellowsVendee Wall ArtArt in the Car ParkOld Dear