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Features, Purchase Info and Projects

Website and other features

The pictures below show some of the dozens of "Home Page Features" on some of the largest art websites. The art sites change their features regularly but it is nice to be selected from the many thousands artists on these sites.

You can keep updated on developments via Facebook "Andy Mercer" or click on your favourite social media icon.


If you wish to purchase signed works please contact me directly. Or alternatively you can purchase signed works at Rise Art

UNSIGNED PRINTS, GREETINGS CARDS AND MANY OTHER PRODUCTS at the following sites. (To minimize shipping costs I recommend these websites for different parts of the world.)
USA and Europe / Australasia and Europe

Zazzle.. see my work on a huge range of products including canvas prints, greetings cards and even T shirts.

You can purchase my work as a calendar here.

Mailing List

I send out occasional updates via my email list. If you would like to be kept up to date sign up to my email list here.

Please note the "Andy Mercer" watermark shown on my images will not be printed on any print ordered, they are there to discourage casual image theft.

Thank you for your interest

Andy Mercer
Art Takes Times SquareLiverpool Art Book2Abstraction abounds at Rise Home Page Feature Sept 09Art on the floorBBC Poster 3.jpgBBC Poster 2.jpgOlympic Rings on ESPN websiteRed Bubble home page featureUS Billboard Project 2011 : New Orleans13-03 redbubble_com Home pageDwell CatalogueredbubblescreendumpChudney Ross ReviewImagekind Home Page FeatureUS Billboard Art Project 2011Artybuzz Home Page featureGrassington Festival PosterDudug feature 1LinkedIn