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I do not object to people using low resolution images taken from this website in online articles and features, with the proviso that I am credited and a link is provided back to my website. Play fair people. 

Purchase and Art Licensing info..
Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing signed works. These works can be purchased in more than one way, individually or as part of limited editions (never more than 100 of all sizes and substrates in an edition). Individual signed prints are generally more expensive than limited editions, because I guarantee that only one of these prints will ever be signed.

I also produce commissioned work, drawings and paintings.
I would always encourage you to purchase"signed" works because they have the potential to increase in value.

Abstraction abounds at Rise ArtAbstraction abounds at Rise ArtA feature in the Rise Art newsletter with an endorsement by Adriana Marques curator of art at London's Olympic village.

You can also purchase my work as a calender here.  

I sell signed works at Rise Art

Please visit contemporary online art gallery to view more of my works

UNSIGNED OPEN EDITION PRINTS, GREETINGS CARDS and various other products at the following sites. (To minimize shipping costs I recommend these websites for different parts of the world.)
USA / Australasia 

Zazzle.. see my work on a huge range of products including canvas prints, greetings cards and even T shirts.

Please note the "Andy Mercer" watermark on the images on this site will not be printed on any print ordered, it is there to discourage image theft. 

Chudney Ross ReviewChudney Ross ReviewJune 2011 my work was one of six works selected by Chudney Ross (Diana Ross's arty daughter) for review at

"You can't hurry love.. "

Work in Education
I am happy to offer talks and workshops to schools etc, please contact me for full details. The workshops develop both IT and art skills.

Galleries, Dealers and Licensing Agents
I welcome contact from organisations and individuals who are interested in publishing, licensing, exhibiting and/or retailing my work. I am happy to discuss exclusivity within your city, region, country (depending on the size of your organisation).

Background & Practice 
For many years I worked with conventional artistic media but in 2006 I began experimenting with digital methods. In addition to art I've always been interested in computers and the Internet and combining all three was quite natural for me. I enjoy the interaction with people from all over the world via the Internet. I am quite happy to be described as an Internet based artist. These days I mainly produce limited edition prints and various types of drawings and one or two paintings which I sell around the world. The prints often start as conventional drawings etc but after scanning, I continue to work on them digitally.

If you are interested in joining my email list or purchasing a signed work, please contact me. Thank you for your interest
LinkedInLinkedInA nice endorsement from the members of Linkedin. The career based social network.
Some Recent Features and Articles
Article on BBC website about my work
Review by Chudney Ross (Diana Ross's daughter) 

Website features
The pictures via the link below show some of my dozens of "Home Page Features" at some of the largest art websites. The art sites change their features regularly but it is nice to be selected from the 10,000's artists on these sites.

You can also keep updated on developments via Facebook "Andy Mercer"

Thank you for your interest

Andy Mercer 

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